Public Library Statistics Task Force

The Public Library Statistics Task Force was appointed by the State Librarian in 2013 to assist MSL in a study of the annual statistics collection process.  That study resulted in recommendations for new and changes to existing data elements, an expanded annual collection period and improved training.   The task force continues to serve MSL by meeting annually to address data elements that may need further clarification or refining, suggest new local and federal data elements and collaborate with MSL to provide outreach to public library directors regarding the collection process.

Goals of the task force are:

  • To better understand the federal guidelines and collection
  • To review data elements, with a focus on those data elements currently interpreted in different ways by libraries
  • To discuss how often to collect and when to collect (different time than the fall?)
  • To look at current BTOP data collection and elements to suggest what to continue after BTOP
  • To inform MSL on how it can improve and enhance the collection process to help libraries better tell their stories

2013 Final Recommendations: