Library Services and Technology Act

Library Services and Technology Act funds are used by the state library to fund many of our projects. These grants are non-competitive and are used to fund statewide projects.

Current LSTA Use

  • Training developed and presented for Montana library directors, staff and trustees
  • Adding libraries to the statewide Montana Shared Catalog and providing technical assistance to MSC members
  • Evaluating electronic resources, negotiating low subscription rates, and ensuring access for Montanans
  • Developing specialized programming that provides library services to all Montana residents
  • Consultants to help libraries with administrative, legal, and technology issues

Planning and Evaluation

LSTA Five-Year Plan 2013-2017 (pdf)
The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) requires each state to submit a long-range plan indicating how the LSTA priorities will be met using LSTA grant funds. Montana's five-year plan was given official approval from IMLS on Sept. 24, 2012.

Evaluation Report for Montana's LSTA Five-Year Plan 2008-2012 (pdf)
This report was completed by Communication and Management Services, LLC of
Helena in March 2012 and submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library
Services. IMLS requires an independent evaluation at the end of each LSTA
five-year plan.